September 8, 2003

First Chevy SSR in Canada to be auctioned on

Toronto, Ontario – General Motors of Canada announced that it will hold the first ever Motors auction for a first available for sale vehicle in Canada, with one hundred per cent of the proceeds being donated to charity. The auction for the new Chevy SSR will take place from September 5-15, 2003 and all proceeds from the sale will be donated to the Canadian Cancer Society.

“The Chevy SSR is a truly innovative vehicle and we wanted to bring it to the Canadian market in a unique way,” said Jennifer Dawkins, director of advertising for GM of Canada. “As a bonus, the auction also gives one Canadian the chance to be a cancer-fighting hero by helping a great cause. The donation of the first SSR continues GM’s longstanding relationship with cancer-related causes.”

General Motors has a long history of supporting cancer-related causes and the Canadian Cancer Society. GM has contributed $250,000 toward helping the Society achieve its mission, and both GM and its employees have contributed almost $8 million to cancer causes in Canada over recent years.

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