Nashville, Tennessee – Fuel Fighter, Firestone’s fuel-efficient trademark, will be returning to the market. The name signifies tires that have been designed with advanced compounds, structure and tread design to improve a vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

The tires use Firestone’s proprietary polymer technology to help reduce vehicle fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

“High gas prices continue to be an issue, and we realize that consumers want a need a more efficient tire,” said Larry Magee, president of Consumer Tire U.S. & Canada. “Fuel Fighter tires have the same performance attributes that consumers have come to expect from Firestone, simply with the added benefit of better gas mileage.”

The Fuel Fighter mark originally appeared in 1978 and will be placed on the sidewall and tire labels. It made its resurgence in the original equipment market on the Toyota Camry and Honda Civic in 2011, and will be available in select sizes for the replacement market in the near future.

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