October 26, 2007

Final stage of twinned Trans-Canada Highway in Manitoba completed

Ottawa, Ontario – The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure has announced that the twinned portions of the Trans-Canada Highway in western Manitoba will be completed with the opening of the final 34 km of highway today.

The four-lane highway now stretches across Manitoba from near the Manitoba-Ontario border in the east, for a distance of approximately 500 km. In total, the twinning of the highway in western Manitoba cost $32.8 million, with the province providing $26.5 million and the federal government $11.7 million, under the Strategic Highway Infrastructure Program.

For the first time ever, Manitoba’s investment in highways and bridges in 2007 increased to $400 million annually. Over the next four years, this amount will increase to an average of $430 million per year, which will include an additional $125 million investment for bridge replacement, maintenance, preservation and inspections.

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