After customers demand two-pedal version, Fiat will plunk a slushbox in their sportiest model.

WardsAuto had a chance to chat with Fiat North American president, Tim Kuniskis, who let drop one very significant piece of info about upcoming Abarth models – an automatic transmission is officially coming. When? Soon.

Traditionally a clutch-and-stick only affair, the 500 Abarth is sold primarily to males; 80% of sales are to those of us with XY chromosome pairs. But, with the Abarth Cabrio on the horizon, and consumers showing an interest in an automatic version, Fiat plans to give the market what it wants.

Speaking to WardsAuto, Kuniskis explained, “I think when we’ll see more women is when we have the automatic, and we’re planning to add the automatic in the Abarth at some point, only because we’re getting that feedback from customers.”

And while automatic cog swapping may go against our car enthusiast sensibilities, I think we can all agree more women in hot hatches is a good thing.

[Source: WardsAuto]

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