FERRARI NORTH AMERICA HY-KERSGeneva, Switzerland – Ferrari has unveiled a concept hybrid vehicle, the HY-KERS vettura laboratorio (experimental vehicle) at the Geneva Motor Show.

The company said it is an example of how it is approaching the development of hybrid technology without losing sight of the performance traits and driving involvement that have always exemplified Ferrari cars.

The hybrid project is also aimed at ensuring that Ferrari will be in a position to comply with future CO2 emissions standards, particularly in the urban cycle, as city driving is traditionally where sports cars are most penalized. Their engines are designed for maximum efficiency and performance at high revs, whereas the urban cycle involves low revs and low engine loads.

The hybrid drivetrain has been adapted to the 599 GTB Fiorano. Retaining the vehicle dynamics was achieved through positioning the flat lithium-ion batteries below the floor pan, resulting in a centre of gravity that is even lower than the standard car.

Weighing about 40 kilograms, the compact electric motor is coupled to the rear of the dual-clutch seven-speed transmission. It operates through one of the transmission’s two clutches and engages one of the two gearbox primary shafts, coupling power seamlessly and instantaneously with the V12 gasoline engine.

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