Windsor, Ontario – The federal government has pledged $1.7 million for research into the issue of traffic and road injuries in Canadian children.

The funding will support a national research team, led by Dr. Anne Snowdown of the University of Windsor, and Dr. Andrew Howard of Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children, that will address child road injury prevention.

“Each year, about 130 Canadian children under the age of 15 die as a result of road traffic injuries,” Dr. Snowdon said. “This research will help reduce those injuries by ensuring children are safer riding in cars, or walking or cycling in their neighbourhoods.”

Research areas include increasing the use of children’s vehicle safety seats through partnerships with health care practitioners, educators and parents; translating knowledge of patterns of safety seat use and misuse to design a commercialize a new generation of safety seats; and examining pedestrian and cycling safety for children. The knowledge generated will also help to inform policy and develop programs.

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