May 16, 2007

FedEx and Azure Dynamics partner on hybrid electric powertrain

Toronto, Ontario – FedEx Express and Azure Dynamics Corporation have announced they have signed agreements to develop gasoline parallel hybrid-electric powertrains for the courier company’s delivery fleet.

Under the agreement, Azure will supply a test vehicle to FedEx Express for the Ford E-450 hybrid commercial delivery van development program. Once the development phase is completed, FedEx has committed to purchase a minimum of 20 pre-production vans, to be delivered by May 2008.

“FedEx Express introduced hybrid-electric vehicles to the commercial vehicle market six years ago, and we look forward to further advancing this important, environmentally-conscious initiative with Ford and Azure Dynamics,” says John Formisano, Vice President, Global Vehicles, FedEx Express. “We continue to look for opportunities for economic efficiencies, environmental stewardship and being a good corporate citizen. We are encouraged that this project can do just that.”

In 2004, FedEx Express introduced the FedEx OptiFleet E700, an environmentally-superior delivery truck, into its fleet. With 93 hybrid-electric vehicles in service, FedEx Express has the largest fleet of hybrid-electric delivery vehicles of any transportation company within the United States.

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