Montreal, Quebec – The Government of Canada has announced that it is making important investments in Montreal bridges to enhance the safety of commuters and stimulate the local economy.

“Many Quebecers rely on these bridges daily to commute to work and return home to their families,” said John Baird, Canada’s Transport Minister. “This investment allows for faster commute times, promotes trade and tourism, and boosts Quebec’s economy.”

The federal government will contribute $50 million to redeck the Honoré Mercier Bridge, and $11 million to reconfigure the access roads and ramps to the Champlain Bridge. The contribution for the Honoré Mercier Bridge is added to $85 million granted to the project in 2006. Approximately 28 million vehicles use the bridge each year, while the Champlain Bridge is the busiest in Canada, with an estimated 58 million vehicles using it every year.

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