December 1, 2003

Federal government funds seven more environmentally friendly transportation projects

Ottawa, Ontario – Transport Minister David Collenette announced $266,650 in funding for seven projects under the seventh round of the Moving On Sustainable Transportation (MOST) program.

The projects cover a range of initiatives that will contribute to a more environmentally friendly transportation system. Since 1999, more than $1.8 million has been allocated across Canada for 57 projects under the MOST program.

The following organizations will receive funding under the program: Better Environmentally Sound Transportation, Clean Air Champions, Environment Hamilton, Greenest City, Smart Growth B.C., Université de Moncton – faculté des sciences de l’éducation – Groupe de recherche Littoral et Vie, and Vélo Québec.

“The environmental impacts of transportation can affect our health and quality of life. I am pleased that there has been such continued interest in this program to help Canadians adopt sustainable transportation practices,” said Mr. Collenette. “That is also why we have committed funds to enhance Canada’s transportation system so that it meets environmental, social and economic goals, as set out in our new policy document Straight Ahead.

Originally slated to last three years, MOST was extended to 2007 in response to ongoing demand for the program, and was given $2.5 million in additional funding.

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