Chrysler stays at the top of the charts, Japanese see double digit stumbles.

All the February numbers are in. Overall, the industry continues to experience a downward trend. However, there are a few shining stars in the numbers.

Chrysler has again taken the top spot in Canada, pushing out 16,764 units for the month. That’s good for a solid 17% of YTD market share. Ford nipped closely at the Penastar’s heels, selling 16,292 units to capture 16.4% of total YTD market share.

On the flip side are the Japanese, with Toyota (-13.6%), Honda (-12.8%), and Nissan (-14.9%) all seeing losses versus February 2012. The only automaker from the Land of the Rising Sun experiencing growth was Mazda, with a slight gain of 2.1% versus last year.

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