SAN DIEGO, CA – Fallbrook Technologies Inc. is responding to the challenge for automakers to provide appropriate performance while downsizing engines for improved fuel economy and lower emissions. The Company has targeted and is soliciting select OEMs to adopt a variable speed supercharger drive utilizing its NuVinci® continuously variable planetary (CVP) technology.

Fallbrook has been working closely with a tier one automotive equipment supplier on the development of a variable speed automotive supercharger. Test results from that supplier have demonstrated potential fuel-saving, engine down-sizing and/or down-speeding opportunities without adversely affecting performance and drivability. Performance gains result from boost optimization over a wider power band, particularly at low engine speeds. NuVinci prototypes designed for use in an OEM application have also passed automotive class durability testing by the tier one supplier.

By controlling supercharger speed independent of engine speed, the Company believes the NuVinci CVP enables ingestion of only the airflow required by the engine with little to no bypassing, thereby minimizing bypass losses and their associated NVH issues.

In light of the successful test results, Fallbrook and the tier one manufacturer are currently in discussions with potential OEM customers for the NuVinci supercharger drive. Fallbrook believes the drive can be packaged easily, as the current prototype is designed to mate with an existing supercharger line of products.

“The continued impetus to improve automotive efficiencies without sacrificing performance has caused manufacturers to look beyond the engine to realize their goals,” said William G. Klehm III, chairman and CEO of Fallbrook. “Fallbrook is presenting a new way of transmitting and modifying mechanical power to the automotive market that replaces conventional transmissions and also enables applications under the hood that have not been commercially viable with existing technologies.”


NuVinci® continuously variable planetary (CVP) technology

Source: Canada Newswire / Fallbrook

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