Billings, Montana – ExxonMobil Pipeline is cleaning up a spill after crude oil leaked into the Yellowstone River.

The crude oil leaked from a 304-mm crude pipeline that runs from Silver Tip to Billings, Montana and was discovered on July 2, 2011. Pipeline pumps were shut down within seven minutes of a pressure loss and the pipeline was isolated. The spill is estimated to be between 750 and 1,000 barrels.

“We are bringing in experts from across the country to clean up the oil,” said Gary Preussing, president of ExxonMobil Pipeline. “We will stay with the cleanup until it is complete, and we sincerely apologize to the people of Montana for any inconvenience the incident is creating.”

No cause has been identified for the spill. The pipeline met all regulatory requirements and was inspected in December, the company said.

Oil has been found as far as eight kilometres down the river from the pipeline location and additional reports of oil sightings are being investigated. Crews initially used boom and absorbent pads to pick up oil on Saturday.

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