Oakville, Ontario – Drivers who became accustomed to unseasonably warm winters in recent years should prepare their vehicles and sharpen their driving skills for a more traditional winter this year, warns The Weather Network. The network’s winter outlook for December, January and February is for cold, stormy weather brought on by La Nina conditions that have developed in the Equatorial Pacific Ocean.

 East of the Ontario/Manitoba border, large swings in temperature are expected throughout the winter, but near-normal precipitation is expected for eastern parts of the country, except for above-average precipitation expected in extreme Southwestern Ontario and most of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Those in the mountainous areas of British Columbia and Alberta can expect more snow than on average, while the Lower Mainland of B.C. can expect above-normal precipitation for the season.

Below-normal temperatures are anticipated for northern areas of B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan and most of the Yukon and Northwest Territories.

The Weather Network offers online and mobile applications to provide immediate active weather warnings, including severe weather, with notifications to mobile devices or email. Mobile applications can be downloaded at WeatherNetworkMobile, and email applications at WeatherNetworkEmail.

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