November 29, 2007

Exercise caution when renting the car of your dreams, warns exotic rental company

New York, New York – The exotic rental car industry is growing to meet consumer demand, but Gotham Dream Cars warns enthusiasts to exercise caution and know what to ask before you rent a luxury or super car.

“Renting a Ferrari or Lamborghini for the weekend is quite different from renting a normal economy car at the airport,” said Noah Lehmann-Haupt, Gotham Dream Cars CEO. “It’s important for those thinking about taking the plunge to do their research and know what questions to ask up front.”

Gotham offers the following tips for exotic car rental:

  • Make sure the car you are renting is actually owned or leased by the rental company, and is not a private owner’s personal vehicle. Several fly-by-night operators use privately-owned cars to get around the legalities and difficulties of insurance and financing. If you rent a car that isn’t legally insured as a rental, you could be held liable and possibly sued for damages by the owner, and your personal insurance carrier will not cover you.
  • Beware of the stock photo, and make sure the car you reserve is the one you’re getting. Many small or start-up rental companies trade cars with other companies, or list cars that they do not own in order to appear larger and more established.
  • Ask for an on-site walk-through of the car. Luxury or super cars may have extremely advanced technology, so make sure the rental company gives you a proper introduction to the vehicle and make sure you know how to use the safety features, how to operate the transmission, and how to avoid a potentially dangerous drive.
  • Know the terms and conditions of the agreement prior to renting the vehicle. Know how many kilometres or miles are included, what happens if the car breaks down, any roadside assistance, or any refuelling requirements.
  • Check the vehicle’s condition. If the vehicle has been borrowed from another company or a private owner, it may have worn tires or mechanical failures.
  • Have realistic expectations. Although it’s an exotic vehicle, it’s still a rental car, and will probably have normal wear and tear.
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