September 20, 2007

European Parliament members back compulsory CO2 limits on cars

Brussels, Belgium – Voluntary limits on CO2 emissions by European cars are not working and should be replaced by mandatory caps, according to a new report on emissions by Members of the European Parliament on the Parliament’s Environment Committee. The MEPs want binding limits for cars by 2009, and have set a target of an emissions level of 120 g/km (grams per kilometre) by 2012.

Under the present voluntary code, carmakers have set themselves a limit of 140 g/km by 2008, but the report shows that this will not be met.

British Liberal MEP Chris Davies, who drafted the report, says that “any legislation should specify technical standards to be met by manufacturers,” and says that the recent Frankfurt motor show in Germany demonstrated that the technology already exists to cut CO2 emissions. MEPs backed his proposal on September 9; the full Parliament will debate the report in November.

As well as specific limits set by legislation, the report’s backers want financial penalties and rewards for manufacturers who break or beat a carbon target which they want to be operational by 2011.

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