Brussels, Belgium – New-car sales in the European Union declined 9.3 per cent in May, the second consecutive month of falling sales.

The drop reflects the end of government support schemes and further challenging economic situations, although over the first five months of the year, sales were up by 1.9 per cent over the same period in 2009, with a cumulative total number of 5,943,096 new cars.

Germany registered the most number of new cars in the EU in May, but also recorded the largest decrease of all major markets, dropping 35.1 per cent, followed by Italy, which fell 13.8 per cent, and France, which decreased by 11.5 per cent. Increased markets included the U.K., rising by 13.5 per cent, and Spain, increasing 44.6 per cent compared to the low levels observed last year. Slovakia saw its markets shrink the most, falling 41.8 per cent, while Ireland expanded the most, at a gain of 70.6 per cent.

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