January 11, 2007

European Commission proposes new Energy Policy for Europe

Brussels, Belgium – The European Commission has proposed a comprehensive package of measures to establish a new Energy Policy for Europe, to combat climate change and boost the European Union’s (EU) energy security and competitiveness. The Commission believes that when an international agreement is reached on the post-2012 framework, it should lead to a 30 per cent cut in emissions from developed countries by 2020; to further underline its commitment, the Commission has proposed that the EU commit now to cutting greenhouse gas emissions by at least 20 per cent by 2020.

The policy contains three central pillars: a true, internal, competitive energy market that gives choices for EU energy users; an acceleration of the shift to low-carbon energy, including a minimum target of 10 per cent for biofuels; and an objective of saving 20 per cent of total primary energy by 2020, including an acceleration in the use of fuel-efficient vehicles for transport.

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