October 9, 2007

European Commission proposes mandatory brake assist systems to reduce pedestrian fatalities

Brussels, Belgium – The European Commission (EC) has proposed that passenger cars need to be fitted with Brake Assist Systems (BAS) as early as 2009 to reduce pedestrian fatalities. The EC estimates that if the entire European car fleet is fitted with BAS, as many as 1,100 pedestrian lives could be saved each year. As many as 8,000 pedestrians and cyclists are killed each year in the European Union.

The proposal, part of a larger package of measures for pedestrian protection, says that BAS can considerably reduce the stopping distance of a vehicle in an emergency situation, with the effect that a collision with a pedestrian could be avoided altogether, or would occur at a far lower speed.

“This proposal is good and important for the safety of all road users, especially vulnerable groups like pedestrians and cyclists,” says G

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