December 20, 2006

Environmental “roadmap” released for Eastern Canada and Northeast U.S.

Rockport, Maine – Environment Northeast (ENE), a non-profit research and advocacy organization, has released its Climate Change Roadmap for New England and Eastern Canada, a comprehensive plan to reach regional pollution reduction goals.

“The public is increasingly concerned that global warming pollutants are changing our climate and this Roadmap offers remedies that can be implemented today to put us on the lower polluting path we need to be on,” says Daniel Sosland, Executive Director of ENE. “Our policy leaders need to take action and the Roadmap is intended to show the way, with solutions to create a healthier, more competitive, efficient and vibrant economic and environmental future.”

The Roadmap, the result of two years of research, consultation with industry experts, peer groups and government officials, and a review of best practices, breaks down ten solutions into three main categories of energy, transportation and storing carbon. If fully implemented, ENE estimates that these ten priorities would reduce greenhouse gas pollutants from cars and trucks, power plants and industrial sources, and by storing carbon in the region’s forests and geologic formations, totaling at least 35 to 40 million metric tons by 2020.

The priorities would achieve the 2020 emissions targets set by the Eastern Canadian Premiers and New England Governors, and put the region on the path towards the mid-century target of 75 per cent lower emissions.

Technologies outlined include new car technology that will carry passengers using a quarter the amount of fuel, pursuing a net greenhouse gas emission standard for transportation fuels that factor in the full life cycle of the fuel’s emissions, and promoting the role regional forests can play in providing a low-carbon supply of biofuel.

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