January 5, 2001

Environmental groups to rally at entrance of North American International Auto Show

On the morning of Sunday, January 7,
some Toyota Prius and Honda Insight owners will drive
their environmentally-friendly gasoline-electric
hybrid cars in a continuous circle in front of Cobo
Hall where the North American International Auto Show
is held in order to draw attention to the need for
American auto manufacturers to build cleaner cars.

A press conference will be held at 10:30 a.m. across
the street in the Ponchartrain Hotel hosted by
environmental groups under the Green Car Campaign.

Environmentalists from national and Michigan
organizations (Environmental Defense, Natural
Resources Defense Council, Union of Concerned
Scientists and the Michigan Environmental Council)
will offer their view on where American auto
manufacturers are in the race to produce
environmentally friendly autos.

“Cleaner car technologies are primed and ready to go,”
said Jason Mark, Clean Vehicles Program director at Union of Concerned
Scientists. “With the Japanese carmakers’ hybrids enjoying brisk sales, one
wonders, ‘Where are the American automakers?'”

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