Mustang was returned to Enterprise by customer and stolen from rental lot

A woman in Dartmouth, NS has been slapped with a $47,000 bill after a Mustang GT Convertible she had rented was stolen from the rental lot following its return.

Kristen Cockerill rented the car in October for a casual road trip and returned the car promptly on a Sunday. However, like many car rental outlets, this Enterprise location is not open on Sundays and provides a drop box for customers returning rented vehicles.

After Cockerill dropped off the vehicle and business opened the next day, employees found the Mustang’s keys but the Mustang itself was missing.

Police investigated the matter and determined the vehicle had been stolen. Until last week, that’s the last Cockerill heard of the matter. That is until a bill for $47,000 to replace the vehicle arrived in the mail.

According to CBC News, Cockerill’s insurer believes since the car was not in her control, she should not be responsible for the vehicle’s replacement.

In a follow-up article, Enterprise spokesman Ned Maniscalco stated while Enterprise would work with Cockerill to come to a solution, “sometimes customers mistakenly believe if they didn’t personally cause or witness any damage that they are not responsible.”

“This is one of the most common misconceptions,” he told CBC News.

“In fact, customers are financially responsible for any damage or theft that occurs during a rental transaction, regardless of fault or negligence — just as if they owned the rental vehicle themselves.”

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