May 22, 2007

Engine mixes are changing over time, says J.D. Power


2007 Honda Civic
2007 Honda Civic LX. Click image to enlarge


Toronto, Ontario – Canadian new-car and light truck markets are differentiating and changing in terms of engine mix, according to J.D. Power & Associates’ Power Information Network. More than four-fifths of new cars sold in Canada come with either a four- or five-cylinder engine, while less than one-fifth of new light trucks include one of these engine sizes. New cars are also becoming increasingly available with one of the two smaller engines.

Light trucks include more four- and eight-cylinder engines, and fewer five- and six-cylinder engines. The percentage of light trucks sold in Canada with eight-cylinder engines has climbed by more than four percentage points, the largest change in magnitude among any cylinder size in either the car or light truck categories.

The report says that retail turn rates for eight-cylinder cars and light trucks are also moving in opposite directions. Cars equipped with these larger engines now sit on average for more than four months, almost double the turn rate a year ago. Eight-cylinder light trucks now turn in less than two months, which is lower than the light truck average, and down two weeks from a year ago.

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