June 24, 2004

Elf lubricants now available in Canada

Toronto, Ontario – Elf Lubricants, car care products, maintenance and
additives are now commercially available in Canada. Blu Lubricants has
just been appointed as the official agent and national distributor.

Elf Lubricants works directly with some of the world’s largest and most
prestigious vehicle manufacturers to engineer lubricants specifically
for their vehicles. While adhering to the stringent API and ACEA
standards, Elf oil products have also received official approval from
Volkswagen/Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, General Motors, Ford,
Nissan, Saab, Subaru and others.

Known as Elf Aquitaine since the 1930’s, Elf Lubricants became part of
the TotalFinaElf group through a merger in 2000. In exploration and
production, TotalFinaElf is now the world’s 4th largest producer of oil
and natural gas.

In refining and marketing, TotalFinaElf is Europe’s number one refiner
and marketer, with a worldwide refining capacity of 2.6 million barrels
of oil per day and sales of 3.7 million barrels of petroleum products
per day in 2003.

Additionally TotalFinaElf is present in more than 110 countries around
the world, where they operate thirty refineries and maintain a network
of some 20,000 service stations.

To learn more about Elf Lubricants, visit www.lubricants.elf.com

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