October 3, 2007

Electronic fuel injection turns 40 this year

Broadview, Illinois – Electronic fuel injection turns 40 this year, as Bosch notes that Robert Bosch LLC invented the first electronically-controlled fuel injection system and used it for the first time on a Volkswagen in 1967.

“Every driver of a modern automobile today enjoys the results of the wealth of experience gained in four decades of the development of electronic gasoline injection systems as we see today,” says Warren Suter, Director, Engine Management Systems for Bosch. “The key benefit of the original system and its successors has been to reduce fuel consumption and emissions while improving gasoline engine performance and vehicle drivability.”

The company says that its original Jetronic fuel injection system progressed through the K-Jetronic, Mono-Jetronic and Motronic, each of which used more electronic and less mechanical control.

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