Dallas, Texas – Nine electric vehicles are en route to the U.S. from China for the purpose of federal testing. The vehicles are part of a test fleet imported by Green Automotive Company, a U.S. firm that plans to import and sell environmentally-friendly vehicles in the American market.

The nine vehicles, including eight SUVs and one multi-purpose vehicle (MPV), are entirely electric and were built in Shanghai. “The purchase of these additional vehicles is in keeping with our plans to perform full compliance testing here in the U.S., which will ensure that the company brings to market a full electric vehicle that is also fully compliant with all U.S. safety standards,” said Fred Luke, president of Green Automotive.

Last year, Green Automotive announced that it expects to initially enter the U.S. motor vehicle market with its all-electric SUV before the end of 2011, and plans to add the MPV to its planned fleet in 2012. The MPV will be offered in all-electric or compressed natural gas (CNG).

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