Miami Beach, Florida – The U.S.-based Car Charging Group, a provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging services, has filed two separate patents for inductive wireless EV charging.

The patents are for an inductive charging station in the form of a parking bumper, which will charge EVs in parking lots and garages, and for a system that will be used under the road to charge EVs while they are driving. Both patents are for a process that allows EV drivers to power and pay for their charging services wirelessly in an automatic seamless transaction, the company said.

The parking bumper patent is for a device that would charge the EV wirelessly when the car tires align with it. The vehicle would not have to be plugged in and the driver would not have to interact with the charging station to pay for it, as the billing would be done wirelessly and automatically, the company said. The underground wirelessly charging system will take more time to commercialize due to costly implementation.

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