July 2, 2004

Edmunds.com names best used car bets

Santa Monica, California – Edmunds.com announced its selections for the top choices in the used vehicle market.
Edmunds.com’s 2004 Used Car Best Bets are:

Economy Car: 1997-2002 Honda Civic
Midsize Car: 1997-2002 Toyota Camry
Large Car: 1997-2002 Ford Crown Victoria / Mercury Grand Marquis
Luxury Car: 1997-2002 Lexus ES 300
Sporty Car: 1997-2002 Mazda Miata
Mini-SUV: 1997-2002 Honda CR-V
SUV: 1999-2002 Nissan Pathfinder
Minivan: 1999-2002 Honda Odyssey
Small Pickup: 1997-2002 Ford Ranger / Mazda B-Series
Large Pickup: 1997-2002 Ford F-150

Edmunds.com editors emphasized reliability, safety and availability as the most important criteria when developing their list. The editors also limited the age range of these selections from two to seven years for the following reasons: Older vehicles typically have too many miles on them, and newer ones will not have fully taken the full brunt of the initial depreciation hit that typically makes a low-mileage two- or three-year-old car the best value.

“..There are always ample trade-ins and off-lease vehicles being sold as used vehicles at great values,” said Karl Brauer, Editor in Chief of Edmunds.com. “Of course, consumers should thoroughly investigate an individual used vehicle’s condition and history before purchasing it..” he said.

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