Toronto, Ontario – The government of Ontario has announced that an innovative and environmentally-friendly construction technique will be used to rebuild and repair Highway 58 in Thorold this summer.

The 4.3-km length of Highway 58 from Highway 20 to Thorold Stone Road in the province’s Niagara region will be reconstructed using a construction technique called “rubblizing” which crushes and reuses the existing concrete pavement. This technique recycles existing materials, minimizes hauling away the old concrete pavement and reduces the need for new road-building materials.

The project also includes repaving the highway from Highway 58 to Niagara Regional Road 70 for 1.9 km, and adding turn lanes and new traffic signals at two intersections. The $5.8 million construction contract should be completed by October 2008. 

“Making necessary improvements such as repairing and repaving this section of Highway 58 will keep Ontario’s drivers safe and our economy strong,” said Transportation Minister Jim Bradley. “We are using innovative construction techniques to protect the environment by minimizing the need for new construction materials.”

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