Southfield, Michigan – U.S. industrial manufacturer Eaton Corporation will be supplying a supercharger, adapted for fuel cell applications, for use in a fuel cell vehicle demonstration program at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo.

Eaton’s Fuel Cell Cathode Blower will be used in vehicles being prepared by Shanghai Automotive Industries Corporation (SAIC) to transport dignitaries at the event.

“Protecting and improving the environment are among Eaton’s highest priorities,” said Glenn Goudley, vice-president technology and planning, Eaton’s Automotive Group. “As a result of this commitment, we look forward to working in collaboration with SAIC to help bring innovative fuel cell technology to the automotive industry in China.”

The small-scale, electrically-driven Eaton roots-style supercharger, adapted for fuel cell applications, is mated to an efficient brushless motor. It moves air through the fuel cell stack, where the oxygen in the air is combined with hydrogen to generate electricity and power the vehicle.

SAIC is planning to supply 20 hydrogen-powered automobiles to the World Expo.

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