September 4, 2007

DuPont acquires technology to reduce sulphur in motor fuels

DuPont's Isotherming Hydrotreater
DuPont’s Isotherming Hydrotreater. Click image to enlarge

Wilmington, Delaware – DuPont has announced it has acquired IsoTherming Technology, used to dramatically reduce sulphur in motor fuels. The technology was one of a number of business assets acquired from Process Dynamics Inc. of Arizona.

“DuPont is committed to delivering sustainable science-based services and solutions to help petroleum refiners respond to difficult sulphur-related and clean fuel challenges,” says Jim Pawloski, DuPont Clean Technologies business director. “Because IsoTherming Technology provides a faster and less expensive way for refiners to make cleaner fuel, this acquisition will further strengthen this emerging business as it grows to become a leader in providing integrated environmental solutions for the refining industry.”

Currently, petroleum refiners use sulphuric acid as a catalyst in alkylation, and handle crude oil with increasingly high sulphur content; at the same time, they are being required to produce low-sulphur products and to reduce the sulphur-based emissions they generate in the process. The new technology involves a reactor system superior to conventional hydrotreating technologies, which can reduce capital and annual operating costs, while reducing sulphur content in motor fuels.

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