April 23, 2002

Dunlop Tires introduces new ultra high performance tire

Toronto, Ontario – Dunlop Tires has added a new member to its Dunlop SP SPORT high performance line of tires called the SP Sport FM901.

“The SP SPORT FM901 offers a hot, radical look that is sure to attract the fast growing sport compact owner market segment,” said Sam Fry, Product Manager (Consumer Tires), Dunlop Tires Canada. “But the benefits of this tire go far beyond just looks, thanks to a wide tread profile that provides exceptional handling, impressive grip and even wear.”

Some of the tire’s additional features include:

  • High performance silica blend tread compound derived from Dunlop’s International Motor sports program.

  • Two circumferential centre grooves and full depth lateral grooves supply enhanced water dispersion for hydroplaning resistance and excellent wet traction performance.
  • Large, rigid shoulder tread blocks insure precise predictable cornering control.
  • Full width high-density steel belts combined with JLB (Jointless Nylon Band) technology for stable handling, smooth ride uniformity and even tread wear.
  • Chaos tread-pitch sequencing to minimize noise for a very quiet ride.
  • A hard rubber bead apex, high ply turn-up and steel sidewall stabilizer for quick steering response.
  • Max Flange Shield (MFS) increases protection of wheels against curb damage while improving the appearance of tire and wheel package.

The Dunlop SP Sport FM901 VR & ZR rated high performance sport radial is available in 24 of the most popular sport compact tuner sizes and carries a 200 AA UTQG rating.

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