Ottawa, Ontario – Even if gas hits an average price of $1.50 per litre, a traditional family summer vacation by vehicle costs less, according to Car Care Canada, which said that the cost for a family of four travelling by car is about the same as one person going by air.

“Rising ticket prices, fewer daily flights, fuller planes, limited baggage, fewer non-stops and longer layovers between connecting flights doesn’t paint a pretty picture for this summer’s vacationing families thinking about flying,” said Patty Kettles, Manager of Marketing and Communications for Car Care Canada. “Natural Resources Canada monitors the price of fuel closely. Last week, they found that average price for regular gasoline was $1.36 per litre. Even with rising gas prices, the cost of driving is a much better deal compared to going by air.”

Based on a family of four travelling 2,000 km round-trip, Car Care Canada found that travelling by air would cost at least $1,673 for tickets, plus extra baggage costs, fuel surcharges, transportation to and from the airport, and parking. If gasoline prices were $1.50, the cost for a family driving a minivan would be $448, including tire wear and maintenance. Driving also includes benefits such as flexible schedule, no weather delays, no limit on baggage, more and better meal options, no rental car or taxi expenses, more legroom and overall comfort, and better scenery, plus the opportunity to travel with a pet.

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