February 26, 2002

Driving school condemns new MGM movie, ‘Rollerball’

Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey – Top Driver, a U.S. driver training company, has blasted MGM’s new feature film, “Rollerball,” for its depiction of unsafe driving. According to Sebastian Giordano, CEO, “Each day, over 100 people in this country die in vehicle crashes and it remains the leading cause of death among young people, as approximately 20% are teens. Unfortunately, this continues to be a national tragedy and we have to put an end to it.” Top Driver recently created a movie rating system to educate the public about the entertainment industry’s portrayal of driving. “Rollerball” rates a D- The rating system will soon be found on Top Driver’s website.

Giordano added, “Within the first minute of the film, I stopped counting the number of people that would have died in real life. Rollerball is showing people how to commit suicide and mass murder on the streets. While showing vehicles drive too close to each other, travelling at excessive speeds, or pushing other vehicles into side rails, we never see the harsh reality of what really happens — a head split open, a steering wheel impaled into the chest of the driver, people dying.”

“‘Rollerball,’ which targets teens, is glamorising reckless driving. This can have a negative impact upon a teenager’s feeling of invincibility. To make matters worse, last year the Wall Street Journal reported that vehicle manufacturers support movies that promote fast cars because it actually helps vehicle sales. We also need to ask vehicle manufacturers if this depiction of reckless driving is the image they want to portray, even when the message may contribute to the death of young people. If so, then perhaps they need to reevaluate their business plans. If one person dies because of the impression these films make, that is one too many,” Giordano added.

“Our business is dedicated to saving lives,” said Giordano. “We want parents to understand the risks and we encourage them to talk to their teens to counteract the brainwashing they receive from the media.”

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