Mississauga, Ontario – A new survey by RBC Insurance and Ipsos Reid suggests that while 85 per cent of Canadian drivers surveyed do not approve of using a cell phone, 95 per cent report having seen other people talking on cell phones while driving. As well, 52 per cent of drivers who have cell phones admit to using them while behind the wheel.

While 97 per cent said it is wrong to check e-mails or text while driving, 47 per cent have seen people doing this as well.

“Mobile technologies have dramatically increased our ability to multitask at home and work, and now unfortunately in our cars,” said Francois Boulanger, president and CEO of RBC General Insurance. “And it’s happening despite clear evidence that most motor vehicle accidents are caused by driver error. Anything that takes away from one’s focus on safe driving should be avoided.”

Industry associations such as the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) have started national campaigns to alert Canadians to the dangers of distracted driving. “Most Canadians acknowledge that driver distraction is a problem,” said Mary Lou O’Reilly, Vice President of Public Affairs and Marketing for IBC. “Most of us think it’s the other guy’s problem. We need to change that attitude if we want our roads to be safe.”

The survey also found that 73 per cent of Canadians have witnessed other drivers eating a meal while driving, and 58 have seen others putting on makeup. Of those surveyed, 19 per cent acknowledged that they continue driving even when extremely tired.

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