Toronto, Ontario – Mercedes-Benz has released a new interactive gaming application, Drive & Seek, which offers players the opportunity to win a new 2012 C-Class Coupe.

The espionage-themed application builds off a larger campaign and interactive movie, challenging players to hunt for virtual briefcases dropped at various GPS locations. Using their smart phones and the game app, players must find ten briefcases a week for four weeks through radar that pinpoints their current locations and the secret location of the next briefcase.

The app features a compass and distance meter guiding players to complete their mission. If they need assistance, players can use location tips to receive hints about the briefcase’s location or even engage their Facebook friends to help.

Once players are close to the actual briefcase location, the app will switch to sonar and tell them how far away they are through sound. When players find a briefcase, they can collect and unlock it to reveal information about the C-Class Coupe. Every tenth briefcase will unlock an augmented reality experience with a 3D model of the car.

By locating as many briefcases as possible within their radius, the top 125 game players will receive additional contest entries to win the grand prize of a C-Class Coupe or one of four secondary prizes. The grand prize winner will be announced in November 2011.

For more information, visit Drive&Seek.

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