June 8, 2004

“Drive Around the World” expedition punishing test for BF Goodrich tires

Perth, Australia – After driving 16,000 miles for six months, the Drive Around the World team has passed the halfway mark. Arriving in Australia after an ocean-bound trip from South America, the Drive Around The World team is praising the performance of the Mud-Terrain T/AR KM tire. “We knew that BFGoodrich tires consistently exceed the demands of Paris-Dakar so we looked within BFGoodrich for a tire that could take this type of sustained punishment over the course of a nine-month expedition,” said Nick Baggerly, team captain and expedition leader. “The tires have been outstanding in a variety of conditions. Whether the road is good to us or whether the road treats us really bad, the tread pattern has deep lugs that really dig down into the mud to move us along.”

After the team crosses Australia, they will take a northerly course toward the arctic circle of Siberia. To date, fund raising efforts have raised $50,000 toward a goal of $1 million for Parkinson’s Disease research. The expedition’s distance-learning program, which aims to foster curiosity within schoolchildren, has answered more than 4,000 questions posed by students via the Internet from around the world.

For more information, see www.drivearoundtheworld.com.

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