March 20, 2007

Dow Chemicals introduces new biodiesel byproduct glycol

Midland, Michigan – The Dow Chemical Company has announced it has introduced monopropylene glycol, made from glycerin generated during the manufacture of biodiesel. Called Propylene Glycol Renewable (PGR), the glycol is currently in customer trials and will be used in such applications as automobile antifreeze, heavy-duty laundry detergents, and resins for boat hulls and bathroom fixtures.

The company says that in addition to being manufactured from a byproduct of renewable fuels, PGR can be expected to provide additional environmental benefits when compared to propylene-based glycol (PG); laboratory tests indicate that manufacturing PGR will consume considerably less fresh water than conventional PG. The company also says that it will be cost-competitive.

Dow, the world’s largest producer and marketer of PG, has contracted with Dow Haltermann Custom Processing (DHCP) to produce PGR. DHCP will conduct pilot trials and eventually full-scale production at its location in Houston, Texas.

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