Quebec City, Quebec – As warm weather returns, CAA-Quebec is warning drivers not to use winter tires from June to August, as their performance during the hotter summer months could compromise safety.

“Tests conducted by CAA-Quebec last summer show beyond any doubt that all-season tires are safer than winter tires in warm weather,” said Sophie Gagnon, CAA-Quebec senior director. “In these tests, we observed that braking distances in emergencies could increase by up to 30 per cent with winter tires. Moreover, for evasive action to be successful, speeds had to be much lower than for the same manoeuvres with all-season tires. The test car was less stable with winter tires.”

CAA-Quebec said that the introduction last fall of new rules making winter tires mandatory is tempting a growing number of motorists to keep their winter tires on, in the hope of saving money. However, leaving them on might increase fuel consumption, and they will wear out more quickly in warm weather, reducing the anticipated savings.

The association is urging the Quebec Transport Department to implement awareness actions to reduce the risks caused by the use of tires that are inadequate for road conditions at certain times of the year.

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