Quebec City, Quebec – Many motorists are delaying their seasonal tire change, according to CAA-Quebec. The association is reminding drivers that all-season tires gradually lose their elasticity once the temperature falls to 7C, and that premature wear on winter tires is “not something to fear at this time of year.”

Although installing winter tires is not compulsory until December 15 in Quebec, it is best to be safer than sorry by driving with tires that are suited to the weather conditions.

“Some garages are seeing delays of one to two weeks in tire installation, compared to last year at this time,” said Sophie Gagnon, assistant vice-president, public and government relations at CAA-Quebec. “This could lead to unfortunate consequences in the coming weeks for motorists who still haven’t made appointments. In addition, the first snowfall requires a period of adjustment in driving habits, and this will be much easier if your car is equipped with winter tires. It is better to act now and avoid being caught unprepared when the snow comes.”

Installing winter tires also provides for an ideal opportunity for a pre-winter checkup of the charging system, battery, cabin air filter, thermostat, block heater and windshield wipers.

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