November 21, 2007

Don’t be embarrassed to stop a friend from drinking and driving, LCBO says

Toronto, Ontario – The Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO), in partnership with MADD Canada, is launching a new social responsibility education campaign aimed at encouraging people to prevent friends and guests from drinking and driving.

The campaign asks audiences to consider why they wouldn’t think twice about saving a stranger from imminent harm, but might hesitate to prevent a friend from driving after drinking to avoid embarrassment. The approach is the result of focus group research that identified a fear of possible embarrassment as a barrier to taking action to prevent friends and party guests from driving after drinking. The campaign will include radio and television ads, and washroom ads in bars.

“People do know they should stop a friend from drinking and driving, but they don’t always take action because they want to avoid a potentially awkward scene,” said Bill Kennedy, LCBO Executive Director, Corporate Communications. “This campaign should help people realize that saving a friend from drinking and driving is far from embarrassing, and it may just save a life.”

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