October 26, 2007

Don’t allow Hallowe’en parties to lead you into “nightmarish decisions,” MADD Canada says

Toronto, Ontario – Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Canada is asking Hallowe’en revelers to ask themselves, “Who do I want to drive me home tonight?” before heading out to social events this weekend.

At a special conference at Casa Loma in Toronto, MADD Canada told party-goers to “dress to kill” this weekend and on the 31st, but for parties, not for an intoxicated ride home. The occasion included the Grim Reaper hovering over an open hearse, and an angel guiding partiers to waiting taxis.

“Plan your transportation to and from your parties,” says Margaret Miller, MADD Canada’s National President. “If you find that you have had too much, call #TAXI and get a cab home. The devil in you might say ‘I’m all right to drive,’ but listen to your good angel and take a cab.”

By calling #TAXI (#-8-2-9-4) anywhere in Canada from a cell phone, callers will be connected to the first available taxi company or the company of their choice, for the same price or less than calling 411.

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