December 7, 2007

Domestics still lead in brand perception in new truck market, says Kelley Blue Book

Irvine, California – A new study of consumer automotive perceptions by Kelley Blue Book says that truck shoppers still believe that domestic brands embody many of the qualities and perceptions they are looking for in a new vehicle. The study also says that while Toyota has made significant strides in the truck segment, it still has a long way to go to overtake Detroit.

Consumers were asked to rate their perceptions of various brands in different new vehicle segments, based on 17 different attributes. Among the top five attributes most important to consumers, respondents named Toyota highest in durability/reliability; Toyota in fuel efficiency; Chevrolet in driving comfort; Ford in towing/hauling capacity; and GMC in driving performance.

“While Toyota is making strides, the Asian manufacturers still have some work to do,” said Rick Wainschel, vice president of marketing research at Kelley Blue Book. “Their equity of durability and reliability transfers seamlessly into the truck segment, but decades of consumer messaging from the domestic manufacturers regarding towing/hauling capacity, ruggedness and toughness are not quickly or easily overcome.”

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