June 29, 2007

Dodge warns drivers not to store vehicle ownership in the glove-box

Auburn Hills, Ontario – A new survey by Dodge found that 44 per cent of Americans store the vehicle’s ownership in the glove-box, which could allow a thief to be able to change the name on the title, sell the vehicle, or legally put the keys in his pocket.

The survey also found that 84 per cent of Americans no longer use the glove box to store gloves, which is what the space was originally designed to do when it was introduced in the 1920s; 72 per cent of people said they did not know how the compartment originally got its name.

“Vehicle titles should never be kept in the glove-box, but rather, in a safe place at home or in the office,” says Mike Accavitti, Director, Dodge Brand and SRT Marketing and Communication. “Dodge wants to inform consumers on what should be stored in the glove-box and how they can optimize utilization of the space to enhance their lifestyle.”

The survey found that, when it comes to glove-boxes, 94 per cent of respondents use it to store the proof of insurance; 92 per cent store vehicle registrations; 71 per cent carry tissues and napkins; 63 per cent carry maps; 53 per cent carry flashlights; 47 per cent carry sunglasses; and 38 per cent carry a first-aid kit.

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