January 7, 2003

Dodge Avenger concept blends rally and SUV attributes

Dodge Avenger concept
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Detroit, Michigan – Merge European rallye car style and performance with some of the convenience and capability of the American sport-utility vehicle and you get the Dodge Avenger concept vehicle, says Chrysler’s senior Vice President.

“In Europe, rallye cars are known for their tough levels of durability no matter what the conditions are,” said Trevor Creed, Senior Vice President – Design, Chrysler Group. “In North America, such vehicles are usually seen only in video games. But why limit someone who has an active lifestyle or just appreciates a vehicle with similar capability to something the size of a traditional SUV?”

Dodge Avenger concept
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The Avenger has a wide track, full fenders and a unique fastback profile and all-wheel drive capability. The rear doors open 90 degrees for better ingress and egress and allow for both occupants and items, such as skis, a mountain bike or just groceries. At the rear, a hatch-style liftgate enables a greater level of versatility.

Four independent seats hug the occupants in a protective exo-skeleton structure featuring four-point built-in safety belts that resemble racing harnesses. A center console area features armrests for comfort, but maintains utility with see-through storage bins. The lift gate houses a “boom box”.

The Avenger’s powertrain consists of a 3.5-litre V6 and 4 speed utomatic transmission. Gears are changed not with a standard stick shifter, but with steering wheel-mounted paddles.

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