Ottawa, Ontario – Transport Canada has released its latest recalls, which may affect some Dodge and Hyundai vehicles.

2009 Dodge Journey
Vehicles affected: 1,200

On certain vehicles equipped with a 3.5-litre engine, the engine wiring harness may contact the left transaxle mount. Damage to the harness could result in an engine compartment fire. Dealers will inspect and, if necessary, repair the harness. If no damage is found, the harness will be secured a safe distance from the transaxle.

2007-2008 Hyundai Santa Fe
Vehicles affected: 13,237

On certain vehicles, the compliance label contains Gross Axle Weight Rating (GAWR) values that exceed the capacity of the tires. Loading the vehicle beyond its tire capacity could result in poor vehicle handling and braking characteristics, and possible tire failure. Updated labels will be mailed to the owners of affected vehicles, along with instructions for proper installation.

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