Bellevue, Washington – A new digital temperature-control system for water-cooled engines may make the mechanical thermostat obsolete, significantly improving fuel economy and reducing emissions.

The Digital Rotary Control Valve (DRCV), developed by Mileage Matrix, is expected to provide a “true” powertrain thermal management system that will always allow the engine and transmission to function at their optimum operating temperatures, under all driving conditions.

“When you think of the sophisticated systems in a vehicle today, it comes as a surprise that we still use analog systems to control the interaction of the engine with the radiator system,” said Tom Hollis, director of advanced research at Mileage Matrix. “After all, those fluids protect the vehicle’s most important operating systems – the engine and driveline – and running them too high or too low simply wastes energy.”

The system was developed by Hollis and manufactured by the Minco Group, and uses heat-resistant resins developed by DuPont for the valve body, tube and diverter.

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