November 26, 2002

Diesel-powered Jeep Liberty to be offered in 2004

New York, New York – To encourage North American acceptance of
diesel-powered vehicles, DaimlerChrysler announced it will test market a diesel-powered Jeep Liberty in Canada and the United States beginning in 2004.

“The best way to show our confidence in diesel technology is to bring a
modern, clean diesel passenger vehicle to market, which we intend to do,” said Dieter Zetsche, President and C.E.O. of the Chrysler Group. “We would like to see the oil refiners commit to producing and distributing high quality, low-sulphur fuel as soon as possible.”

While DaimlerChrysler offers a range of diesel-powered passenger vehicles
in Europe, where approximately 35 percent of vehicles are powered by diesel
engines, the Jeep Liberty will be the first light-duty sport-utility vehicle
with a diesel powertrain to go on sale in the United States and Canada.

“Today’s modern diesel vehicles should be part of the solution to
improving fuel efficiency and reducing carbon dioxide emissions,” Zetsche
said. “Diesels lead to an average of up to 30 percent improvement in fuel
economy, while reducing carbon dioxide emissions an average of 20 percent.

“While there are legitimate concerns about the particulate matter and
oxides of nitrogen (NOx) exhaust from diesels, the introduction of high
quality, low-sulphur diesel fuel will enable a reduction of these emissions,”
added Zetsche.

The diesel Jeep Liberty will be powered by a 2.8-litre common rail turbo-
diesel engine produced by DaimlerChrysler, with either a manual or automatic
transmission. It is expected that the diesel-powered Liberty will have up to
30 percent improvement in fuel economy, versus a comparable gasoline-powered

DaimlerChrysler currently offers diesel engines in its Dodge Ram heavy-
duty trucks in North America. Approximately 75 percent of all Dodge Ram
2500/3500s sold in North America are powered by diesel engines.

Outside the U.S. and Canada, the Chrysler Group currently offers diesel
powertrain options in the Jeep Cherokee (Liberty in North America), Jeep Grand
Cherokee, Chrysler PT Cruiser and Chrysler Voyager minivans. In Western
Europe, diesel-powered vehicles comprise 56 percent of Chrysler Group’s total
sales volume. Jeep Cherokee vehicles with diesel powertrains currently account
for 65 percent of that model’s total sales in Western Europe.

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