January 7, 2005

Desrosiers announces best-selling vehicles in Canada in 2004

Toronto, Ontario – Desrosiers Automotive Consultants announced the top-selling vehicles in Canada in 2004.

The Ford F-Series pickup was the best selling vehicle in Canada and the best selling light truck with sales of 71,790. The Chrysler Caravan/Grand Caravan was the second most popular vehicle in the market in 2004, and the second best selling light truck with sales of 63,559

The Honda Civic was once again was the best selling passenger car with 61,041 sales and the Toyota Corolla coming in second with 44,563 units. However, the Civic sales figure includes combined sedan, coupe and hatchback bodystyles while the Corolla is a sedan only.

Other best sellers by segment include:

  • Subcompact Car – Toyota Echo with 31,252 units, Hyundai Accent second with 19,172 units

  • Compact Car – Honda Civic with 61,041 units, Toyota Corolla second with 44,563 units
  • Intermediate Car – Honda Accord with 25,814 units, Chevrolet Impala second with 20,876 units
  • Sport Car – Ford Mustang with 6,968 units, Subaru Impreza second with 5,533 units
  • Small Luxury – DaimlerChrysler 300 series with 10,073 units, BMW 3 Series second with 7,727 units
  • Luxury High – Mercedes C class with 6,295 units, Acura TL second with 5,801 units
  • Luxury Sports Car – Mazda RX-8 with 2,118 units, Nissan 350Z second with 983 units
  • Compact Sport Utility – Ford Escape with 20,360 units, Honda CR-V second with 15,388 units
  • Intermediate Sport Utility – Ford Explorer with 14,266 units, Chrysler Grand Cherokee second with 7,454 units
  • Large Sport Utility – Dodge Durango with 6,394 units, Ford Expedition second with 2,992 units
  • Luxury Sport Utility – Chrysler Pacifica with 5,159 units, Lexus RX330 second with 4,307 units,
  • Small Pickup – Ford Ranger with 8,775 units, Chevrolet Colorado second with 5,848 units
  • Large Pickup – Ford F-Series with 71,790 units, GMC Sierra second with 39,391 units
  • Small Van – Chrysler Caravan/Grand Caravan with 63,559 units, Chevrolet Montana second with 29,073 units
  • Large Van – Ford Econoline with 14,047 units, GMC Savana second with 6,752 units.

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