Munich, Germany – Delphi Automotive is launching a new, high-performance power inverter for hybrid and electric vehicles that will help to increase fuel economy, reduce emissions and cut costs.

Inverters manage power for hybrid and electric vehicle propulsion by converting DC (direct current) energy stored in a high-voltage vehicle battery pack into the AC (alternating current) needed to drive the electric motor. The Delphi inverter uses an encapsulated power semiconductor device, patented by Delphi, which has superior heat dissipation capability compared to standard modules. It also features power density that is twice as high as standard modules and eliminates the need for wire bonds, which can be susceptible to breaking.

The new inverter is up to 30 per cent smaller than current production systems, and uses patented power silicon packaging to reduce cost, size and weight while increasing overall reliability and extending the product’s lifespan.

The new inverter is expected to be in volume production in 2013.

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