September 10, 2007

Delphi announces new gasoline direct injection system

Frankfurt, Germany – Delphi has announced the launch of a new, high-performance gasoline direct injection (GDI) system optimized for the increasing use of turbochargers and biofuels as solutions to issues of CO2 and other emissions.

The heart of the GDI system, which is named Multec 10, is a new multi-hole injector, combined with solenoid technology that allows very fast opening and closing.

“Delphi’s GDI system takes into account two key trends that we see in the requirement for gas injection systems,” says Mark Shost, Delphi Engineering Director for Engine Management Systems and Products. “First, there will be rapid growth in turbocharging as engines are downsized to reduce CO2 emissions. Second, we see biofuel content of gasoline increasing, particularly in the United States and Europe.”

The Delphi systems use materials and coatings to ensure they will withstand high biofuel contents, such as ethanol; high-pressure fuel rails are made from stainless steel instead of aluminum, along with fuel-contacted parts inside the new high-flow fuel pump. Production of the system is expected early in 2010; Delphi predicts that about 40 per cent of new European gasoline engines will be fitted with direct gas systems by that date.

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